I’m just a kid so my mom filled this out for me.  I had really bad asthma when we first started coming to see Dr. Lapenski.  I used to wheeze and need a nebulizer a lot.

My parents really noticed a difference on how much I was wheezing and how often I needed a breathing treatment with my nebulizer.  I am now doing extremely well with very little signs

Author:  Brycen H.

Within my first month of care at Advanced Spinal Care, my neck and low back pain were phenomenally better. I could turn my head farther than I had in years and I no longer had pain into my leg. I also noticed that my allergies were getting better, and by May I wasn’t having any allergy symptoms. My whole life I suffered from severe allergies. That was awesome!


In about three months of starting care I began to see my allergies improve and the other symptoms gradually improved to the point where all of a sudden I realized that they weren’t bothering me. My allergies are very minimal as long as I’m in alignment, as are my neck, back, knees and irritable bowel syndrome.


Carpal Tunnel

One of the major improvements was my carpal tunnel. I had been told previously that I would have to have surgery within the next year or so. It was totally gone! No symptoms whatsoever! Then there were the ‘small’ things: I no longer would get dizzy when I closed my eyes; I was sleeping much better; and my sensitivity to scents has all but disappeared. Now, several months later, no hand tremors at all! And my head tremors are almost non-existent, so seldom and so slight that they are hardly noticeable. I expect that they too will be 100% gone shortly.


Within a few weeks I was back to knitting. The pain and numbness was gone and the strength was back!


Children-ear infections, constipation, allergies, asthma

Since starting care, our son went from having chronic ear infections to only one or two, which cleared up shortly after being adjusted. His sinus problems have improved 80%, and he hasn’t had any problems with acid reflux or constipation!


Our daughter suffered from chronic ear infections, chronic sinus infections and constipation. Since bringing her in for care her symptoms have cleared up completely.


Before seeing Dr. Lapenski, all three of my little girls suffered from chronic ear infections, frequent colds and horrible allergies. They are now healthier than they have ever been. They no longer get ear infections, rarely have colds and their allergies have cleared up almost completely. It’s the best thing we could have done for them!


Ever since my daughter’s birth she dealt with repeated ear infections, yeast infections, colds and other ‘normal’ childhood illnesses. She was put on round after round of antibiotics but not only did they not really seem to help, but I was concerned what all the drugs were doing to her little body. A family member told me to take her to see the doctors at Advanced Spinal Care and thank God that I did! My daughter not only doesn’t have the ear or yeast infections anymore but she is healthier overall. She doesn’t catch what all the other kids at school have. She is now a healthy and strong 8 year old!


My son was on 8 different medications for his allergies and asthma, including steroids and weekly allergy shots. Things were so bad that he had to be home-schooled and wasn’t able to do any of the things normal kids got to do. Two days after his first correction he blew a 300 on his peak flow meter for the first time in his life! Within three months of starting care, we took him off of all his medications. After six months, we took him in for his yearly physical and his pediatrician couldn’t believe how well he was doing: his skin was clear, his lungs were clear, his sinuses were clear and he wasn’t on any medication! My son is the healthiest he’s ever been and he’s finally able to be a normal kid. I thank God everyday for bringing these special NUCCA doctors into our lives they have changed our lives in a way we never thought possible.



I had severe neck muscle spasms that rendered me unable to look down without feeling dizzy and nauseated.  It was affecting my TMJ, my schooling, my work and my life.

I have experienced dramatic improvement in my health after receiving NUCCA treatment.  My muscle spasms are gone and my neck feels much better.  I now have full range of motion in my jaw when I open my mouth.  This has been one of the most life-changing treatments I have ever received!!!

Author:  Natalie S.


When I first came to see Dr. Lapenski I had been suffering with extreme right hip pain. I also experienced dizziness, equilibrium problems and frequent headaches. I was not able to concentrate on my work, I often had stomach cramping and I didn’t sleep well at all. Immediately after my first correction the hip pain was gone. I slept better than I had in years. Everything else went away within the first few days. I could hardly believe that such a gentle adjustment could change my health so dramatically. Dr. Lapenski and the NUCCA procedure changed my life!


I lived with this dizziness all day, everyday, except when I was sleeping. I had trouble concentrating and focusing. Driving, watching TV, working on the computer, and just functioning was a challenge. I had been to several neurologists and multitude of specialists. No one had any answers for me. Within three days of my first adjustment my dizziness had disappeared. I am now living my life dizzy free and I feel like a normal person again. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my life back. I no longer feel like staying in bed all day. I have energy! I have confidence in myself when dealing with people and carrying on conversations. I don’t feel like I am living in the dark anymore. I thank God everyday for Dr. Lapenski. He literally gave me my life back!


Failed Back Surgery

After two back surgeries, I was finding myself in pain again. I had numbness into my legs and pain in my low back. Immediately after my first adjustment my low back pain was gone. I also had less pain in my neck. Within a few weeks the numbness into my legs and hands were gone, too. I am doing really well and don’t have to have another spinal surgery!



I used to have frequent headaches and lower back pain.

I was referred to Advanced Spinal Care by a family member and today I now have very few headaches and my back pain has all but disappeared!!!

Author:  Brian H.


Before I started with Dr. Lapenski, I just felt off.  I had headaches, back and neck pain that caused me to not sleep well.  I think most of my issues were caused by a car accident which is what brought me and my mom to Advanced Spinal Care to begin with.

After consistent care I don’t have any headaches anymore and I sleep like a rock now!  I have minimal back pain but nothing to slow me down.  I’ve noticed the biggest difference in me and my horse.  Because I’m now sitting right, he has had to adapt to my correct posture and now he is different too!!!

Author:  Brooke M.


I used to have lots of headaches and pain in my mid back.  I also had very low energy.  The pain I had in my left shoulder was so bad that I could hardly stand it.

Today I am free of most of the pain in my head and in my shoulder.  Pain is totally gone 99% of the time.  I sleep much better.  After 30 years of pain, I am free at last!  This works!!!

Author:  Susan R.

Within 6 weeks my headaches were 90% better and the pain in my low back was almost completely gone. I couldn’t believe the difference after only a few weeks!


I had been suffering with headaches 3-4 times a week for most of my life. I’m so glad to finally have found something that can help and that it’s not something I just have to live with. In addition to no longer having headaches, my low back pain is better and I no longer have numbness into my right hand.


Before I came to see Dr. Lapenski, I had constant pain in my low back and a sharp pain in my lower right leg while running. I also had chest pains, constant migraine headaches and occasional dizziness. I noticed a change immediately after my first adjustment. The change was most apparent when I returned to the gym. Prior to starting care, I would usually start to feel my lower leg cramp up right around mile one, but this time I didn’t feel it at all! Over the course of the next two months, I noticed my breathing improve, my headaches started to become less and less noticeable to the point now where I can’t recall the last migraine I had. My lower back hasn’t hurt in a very long time. I am more active and I have a lot more energy.


Hip pain

I had pains in my right hip and right knee.  It was difficult to rise from a sitting position.  I go to Curves 3-4 times a week and I have given up on the machines that require me to use my knees vigorously.

After meeting Dr. Schenk and starting NUCCA care, I still do not use my knees on the machines at Curves very often.  But my hip and knee are now without all that pain!!!

Author:  Joan E.


When I first came to see Dr. Lapenski, I was having considerable lower back and left hip pain to the extent that I could barely put any weight on my left leg.  My feet and legs were aching constantly and I generally felt fatigued. All of this was disturbing my sleep!

Just 6 weeks later, I am seeing major differences.  I am able to use both legs equally and my lower back and hip pain is considerably reduced.  My feet and legs feel more “alive” and my rib cage feels less restricted.  My posture is improved and easier to maintain and I am sleeping much more soundly.  Halleluiah!!!

Author: Sue A.

Within a few days of my first correction, the constant, nagging pain in my hip was 70% better and my back felt a lot looser. I’ve only been under care for a few months and I am virtually pain free. My allergies are even better!


Leg Pain

Shortly after starting care I was amazed to find that I no longer needed my walker or cane! After only a few weeks my leg pain was completely gone and my entire body felt better.


Before seeing Dr. Lapenski, I was dealing with shooting pain into my arms and legs along with numbness. After my first correction I felt 15 years younger! My back pain was 90% better and soon the pain and numbness into my extremities improved. I even noticed an increase in my energy!


Less Pain – More Energy

In a short period of time I found myself nearly pain free and finding I had more energy than I’ve had in five years! In addition to this energy, I found that I could mentally process and complete feats that I would only excuse as too difficult prior to starting care.


This has been a monumental transition in my life! Prior to care I was dealing with headaches, constant low back pain, shoulder pain, knee problems and numbness into my left leg. For the last two months I have been totally pain free! I am serious! I have more energy, sleep better and feel like getting out and doing more! Dr. Lapenski has given me an opportunity to take an active role in life again! No longer will I sit on the sidelines!


Multiple Sclerosis

When I started, I had chronic mid and lower back pain secondary to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I also had a bulging disc in my neck that severely limited my range of motion.  Both of these conditions interfered with every aspect of my life.  I was having problems sleeping, so I was also extremely fatigued.  Before I received my first adjustment, Dr. Schenk asked me to take a Rand 36 questionnaire (a study to determine my quality of life – because of my MS).

My neck pain from the bulging disc is very infrequent and much less painful when it does bother me.  My mid and lower back pain is also much less.  I sleep much better so my level of fatigue has decreased.  At the end of my initial schedule of care I repeated the Rand 36 questionnaire and Dr. Schenk was able to measure that every aspect of my quality of life has improved since beginning care!

Author:  Heidi B.


Multiple Symptoms

When I came to Advanced Spinal Care I was a 10 on my pain scale.  I was in pain from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  I had migraine headaches.  I was in so much pain that I had a pain pump and stimulation into my spine filled with morphine.  I wouldn’t let my husband touch my back because it was too painful.

After care, now I am a 3 or 4 in pain just from headaches now.  I no longer am on any medications.  My back is so much better that my husband can now rub it.

Author:  Darla R.


In short, I was a mess when I started at Advanced Spinal Care.  I had had 2 knee surgeries in 2013.  My back went out on me in December of 2013.  I could not progress in my physical therapy.  I had back pain due to a previous back injury in 2011.  I was in constant pain from my back and pain from my knees, it was a disaster.  I could not continue with my normal life.  My hobby was salsa dancing but due to my constant back pain and knee pain, I was no longer able to dance.

Today I feel better and my pain is reduced.  I am walking better as well.  I am not running yet but I feel better overall, with less stress, less anxiety and less pain.  My new goal is to lose weight and get settled into our new place – we are moving to Florida!  My back hasn’t gone out since I started NUCCA care.  I have no more anxiety issues and no longer take anti-depressants.  My physical therapist working with me to help with my post surgery knees was shocked at my progress and asked what I was doing.  I had made more progress in a week than I had in months.  The only thing I had done was begin NUCCA care with Dr. Schenk.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and am so grateful for having found NUCCA through a friend at work who referred me to you.  Thank you!!!

Author:  Yira G-T.


I had been dealing with back, neck and feet issues since 1983.  I also had “severe” headaches.  I had pain with both hands and wrists.  I had been constipated on and off since age 18 and had been using different over-the-counter products to help with that.  I was on multiple prescribed medications and some over-the-counter to help with all of my other issues.  I felt that I would feel like this for the rest of my life.

After my initial care plan with Dr. Schenk, I now have little to no pain most days.  If I have any flare ups of any area they are 90% less in intensity and they never last over 3 days.  And thank goodness… no more constipation!!!!  I am off all of my medications that I had been prescribed or that I was taking over-the-counter for my issues!!!

Author:  Dawn L.


Before I started at Advanced Spinal Care, I was lethargic with chronic neck and head pain.  Any extended physical activity would mean 2 or 3 days of pain and restrictions to what I could do.  I tired easily.  I was also dealing with weight gain due to my inactivity.  My ability to coordinate physical movement and my mental ability to juggle life was greatly reduced.  I couldn’t multi task anymore.  I had no ambition and I was dragging my body through my day.

After going through care, I now have great energy levels and I can do yard work and clean gutters all day!   And I’m not sore the next day!  My efficiency is the kitchen is now back to normal.  I find myself physically coordinating movement without thinking it out longhand first.  My body is back on automatic pilot, the way that it should be.  Movement is free and completely unrestricted.   My thought processes are no longer lethargic.

Author:  Valeri P.

I used to have pain all the time.  I couldn’t do anything I am able to do now.  I stayed in pain unable to play, work, stand or sit for long periods of time.

Now I can do more than before I came here.  I always feel safe here because I know I’m in good hands.

Today I feel better than ever.  I am able to do all of the things I couldn’t do before.  I thank God for Dr. Lapenski.  He is AWESOME at what he does.  I’m so happy to be here.  I will tell everyone about NUCCA because I think you’re the BEST!

Author:  Andrea S.


When I first came to Dr. Lapenski, I couldn’t turn my head to the left or right.  I had CT scans, x-rays an MRI and all kinds of tests from my medical doctors.  I had suffered 7 months of severe pain and it was hard to drive, much less live a “normal” life.

After ONE adjustment!!!!  I am now able to function virtually pain free!  My allergies are greatly reduced and I don’t feel as though my head is glued to my shoulders.  I got my life back!  Praise God!!!

Author:  Mary Ann W.


I could barely walk – the better word is I hobbled into the office.  I had spent days with ice packs on my groin I was in so much pain.

OH what a difference!  I can walk and am kicking up my heels!  I am walking more upright not and I’m no longer stooped over like an old lady.  I have even been able to reduce the strength of my syn-thyroid prescription!  I even did my high kicks for Dr. Schenk (no small feat for a 79 year old woman)!!!

Author:  Dorothy R.

Before starting NUCCA care I was dealing with constant pain in my joints, asthma-like breathing problems, digestive issues, headaches and allergies, just to name a few. After my first adjustment I noticed that my sleeping became more restful and deeper and my breathing was improved immediately. The rest of my symptoms were fully gone following the second adjustment a month later. It has been five months and I have been symptom free ever since.


Before seeing the doctors at Advanced Spinal Care I had been in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms. I had been brought back from cardiac arrest twice, treated for Addison’s, asthma and tachycardia. I suffered from seizure-like spells periodically paralyzing my arms and legs, leaving me weak for days. I had seen neurologists, cardiologists, and internists. I was on dozens of prescription medications, my immune system was at ground zero and I was full of anxiety and terribly depressed. Even though I was on several asthma medications, I still had weekly, sometimes daily, asthma attacks. Since starting care I’ve cut my medications by more than 50%., my immune system is strong again, my anxiety is reduced, my heart is stronger and my asthma is under control. My life has literally been restored.



Neck/Mid-back/Low Back Pain

When I first came here as a patient, my neck was stiff and in pain as well as my lower and middle back.  I would go to bed and lie there for a bit and when I would get out of bed or turn over in bed I would wince in pain.  The problem got worse when I was in a car accident in May 2013.

Since I made the decision to get care from Advanced Spinal Care, and Dr. Lapenski made my correction, I have noticed a considerable difference and less pain in my neck, middle and lower back.  I’m not wincing in pain like I used to.  I feel much better and am more flexible and even energetic!!!

Author:  John E.


I was always very physically uncomfortable and tight throughout my back and most of the rest of my body.  I could not sit still for more than a few minutes and had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I also had hip/neck/lower back pain at times for no reason.  Because of these things, I was often fatigued.

Since my first adjustment, I have noticed a night and day difference in my body.  I no longer feel the constant tightness I was always fidgeting to relieve.  I can sit through church without thinking about it or having to get up and walk around and I sleep through the night.  I used to wake up 2-3 times or take hours to fall asleep and now I sleep early and throughout the whole night.  I feel significantly better and healthier!!!

Author:  Savannah B.


My husband got adjusted with NUCCA care before I did and I remember him telling me how “loose” he felt.  His neck and his whole body were more loose.  He had been suffering with bad back pain and a stiff neck and I was feeling similar.  I had tightness in my shoulders that was anywhere from a dull ache to sharp pain, my lower back would ache from long hours on my feet and my husband always said I “stuck my neck out.”  I also had many headaches and suffered from illnesses since childhood.

Since I started care with Dr. Schenk: WOW!  I feel so much better!  I’m not tight and I rarely have any back pain.  I don’t feel headaches unless I know I’m dehydrated and my neck has gone from just about stage one degeneration to over 5 degrees into the right direction, meaning I have more of a curve in my neck than when I started and only in 6 months!  I feel great and am so happy.  I never have to worry about hurting again.  My husband and I are here for life!!!!

Author:  Ila B.


Before I started NUCCA care, my upper and lower back ached all of the time.  I have been to several doctors with only temporary relief.  I had lower back surgery.

Since starting at Advanced Spinal Care my upper back has greatly improved.  It feels great!!!  My lower back now gets sore when I work out in my yard but those are sore muscles and the pain will go away now.

Author:  Jackie M.


Before seeing Dr. Lapenski, I was experiencing lower back pain.  I was in a motor vehicle accident and was treated by a traditional chiropractor and physical therapist.  I was also advised by a physician to try cortisone shots as a pre-cursor to possible surgery.  Since surgery was not on my list of options and other forms of treatment were unsuccessful, I came to see Dr. Lapenski.

Today, I feel great relief from my pain.  My work day has become much easier.  Also, I feel more energetic at the end of the day.  All of the activities I was apprehensive to participate in because of previous pain are things I feel I can enjoy again.

Author:  Kyle R.


When I started care, my pain levels were constantly at high levels (always a 5 or higher).  Many nights with sparse (3-4 hours) sleep – never “deep” sleep.  I was very limited in many activities indoors or outdoors – anything heavy or strenuous was just too painful, even with proper body mechanics.  I had limited neck mobility.  I couldn’t turn my head to look over my shoulder.  Overall I was groggy and irritable.  I was unmotivated to exercise or really do much of anything because of my pain levels.

Today, my pain levels are drastically improved (down to average of 2-4 or even lower).  Most nights now I sleep 6-8 hours and do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  Many activities I’ve resumed with normal (or very close to normal) function.  I still limit heavy lifting, yet can otherwise do regular chores and most fun – take my dogs out on wonderful long hikes!  I can look over my shoulder again and do not wake up in pain, groggy and irritable.  I am able to feel energized upon waking and motivated to start my day!  I don’t need coffee to get moving in the morning and I wake up feeling refreshed. Thanks!!

Author:  Kelli C.

My biggest complain was that my neck was sore and stiff.  I also had limited range of motion when I tried to move my head.

After having Dr. Schenk take care of me for a short period of time, my neck pain is now gone and my range of motion has improved!!!

Author:  Emery K.

“My life experience was quite active, having worked in various forms of construction.  I spent multiple years in the fire/EMS field, and served a term as active-duty military.  Consequently, my back has taken a beating.  My back and neck has bothered me chronically through the years, from very mild impact to quite limiting episodes.  I have experienced certain times when my lower back was so stiff and traumatized that my flexibility was severely limited.  At 25 years of age, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee.  Running was my primary mode of cardio exercise.  My knee degenerated to the point I stopped running around age 27.    This was a depressing realization for an active human.  When I stared under NUCCA care, my left leg was ½” shorter and I carried 13 pounds more on my left side.  This created a lot more stress for my left knee to endure.

Today, I am 32 years old and able to hike and run while remaining functional afterwards.  My knee has dramatically improved from its low health point about 5 years ago.  My knee stiffens up much less than it used to, when I would drive for longer trips.  The majority of my life now, I do not notice an issue with my knee.  While years past, it’s limited function negatively impacted my active life.  My brain is now able to communicate properly with its bodily domain.  Since I started NUCCA, I haven’t experienced episodes where my back is tremendously stiff.  At those times, it was a physically difficult effort to leave bed.  Now, my back pains me much less when I drive for an extended time.  The pain in my back is mostly nonexistent or very mild at this stage in the healing process.

NUCCA and the cherished staff at Advanced Spinal Care are a significant reason I experience the current quality of life I have and continue on the path of healing.  For them and the accomplishment of their mission in life, I am deeply grateful!”

Jesse M.


I had been a patient at Advanced Spinal Care and I quit coming in.  My lower back became constantly tight and achy after hard work and heavy lifting.  It never seemed to go away anymore.  The muscles between my shoulder blades were always tight and I couldn’t find a cure – it wouldn’t go away.   My neck vertebrae felt like they were shifting around dramatically after I quit treatment too.  It was all ongoing.  Many of my joints went back to popping and my left knee popped drastically.

Now that I’ve returned to consistent care my low back has loosened up and the pain disappeared within days of getting adjusted again.  It was more relaxed immediately after that adjustment.  I can now feel my hips are level when I am lying down.  My neck still feels like it’s moving around a little but not nearly as drastically and it doesn’t feel scary like it did before.   My muscles between my shoulder blades have not fully loosened up and are not completely pain free yet but it is greatly improved.  My joints don’t pop like they were doing and there hasn’t been a pop in my left knee at all!!!

Author:  John C.


I had a serious feeling of a bulge in my neck.

After having Dr. Schenk take care of me, that pain is totally gone and I am very happy.

Author:  Ronald G. H.


I noticed a difference immediately after my first correction. I could tell I was walking straighter than ever before, and I could bend over without any pain. I couldn’t believe it! The ride home was almost entirely pain free and I remember thinking ‘This is it! My back is finally healing.’ I am sleeping much better and my appetite has returned. Even better, I am now able to enjoy many of the activities that had been such a huge part of my life before my back injury. The care I have received has been incredible. I would highly recommend that anyone who has been suffering with pain to come see Dr. Lapenski.


I came to see the doctors here because I had been dealing with several problems for decades. I had such severe mid-back pain I could only sleep 3 hours per night and it was hard to breath. My low back hurt bad and the pain traveled into my legs. I had frequent headaches and just felt bad overall. I thought I had tried everything. When I came here they explained things thoroughly – I had a goal to reach and a plan on how to get there. My quality of life is much better. I can sleep through the night. My mid and low back are nearly perfect and I can breathe again. I feel much better overall. My care here has literally given me a new lease on life. I can do things now that I could not do before- simple things like standing to do the dishes, grocery shop, etc. I highly recommend this care to EVERYONE!


Over the last five years I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture; I even saw a pain specialist. I had 8 injections in my spine and was taking up to 12 Advil a day. After all this I still suffered from severe pain in my neck and mid-back. I was also starting to have pain and tingling down my arm and I had lost most of the sensation in my thumb. I was surprised that within a few weeks of being adjusted, the pain and tingling in my arm completely stopped and I have most of the sensation back in my thumb. My neck and back pain is also a lot better. I can’t believe with all the people I saw in my search for relief that no one ever suggested that I see a NUCCA doctor. I think they should be common knowledge. If you’re reading this, just try it worked for me!


I came to Advanced Spinal Care as a last resort. I had suffered from constant low back pain and numbness into my leg for the last 10 years and the orthopedist wanted to fuse several vertebrae in my low back. After starting care I can move again! I can play with my daughter and play sports with very little pain or stiffness. My headaches are also almost completely gone. It didn’t happen overnight, but by being a little patient, my life has improved dramatically!


After breaking my back 6 years ago, I continually had back, hip and neck pain. I thought I would have to live with it, but Dr. Lapenski has changed my mind. I feel like a new person! Not bad for someone the medical doctors said should be paralyzed.


For over 40 years I had pain in my neck and shoulders. I had been to see my MD, had been given all kinds of medications and still had no relief. Now after seeing Dr. Lapenski, I have no pain. I walk better, sleep better, can work harder, and my life is better!


After my first correction I felt immediate relief from my neck pain. I felt so much better that I went out and did some heavy yard work. Since then almost everything I was dealing with has gotten significantly better.



My right should was in a lot of pain.  I also had numbness in my right hand and fingers.  I had no strength in my right hand either.

Since I started care with Dr. Lapenski, I now have no pain in my right shoulder.  I only have 10% numbness in my right and fingers now!!!

Author:  Mark G.


Immediately after my first adjustment, the pressure at the base of my skull and in my throat was gone. Within a few weeks the numbness in both my hands and feet were gone too! I never imagined I’d feel this good!


Prior to seeing Dr. Lapenski, an MRI had revealed I had several bulging discs in my neck. I was given a few cortisone shots and the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery. After my first adjustment I felt much better overall. My neck is doing great and the hand numbness is pretty much gone. My low back is doing much better and I don’t have numbness into my leg. I’m sleeping better. I’m walking better. I’m even back to swimming and gardening.


I came to see Dr. Lapenski because I had been dealing with severe numbness into my hands. I was facing a job change because of this. I also was having several migraines per week and had neck and low back pain for more than 16 years. I had no energy. All I can say is this stuff works! My low back pain was 75% improved after my first visit and my neck pain was gone. Soon my hand numbness was gone and I don’t have to change jobs. I have not had one migraine and my energy is back. I recommend this place to everyone. They are very caring and it has changed my life!


Before starting care I had suffered for years with constant neck and back pain, hip pain and numbness into my arms and legs. Within a few days of my first adjustment, I was having very little pain and no arm or leg numbness. It’s been six years now and every now and then I may experience occasional numbness, but it doesn’t come close to what I experienced before seeing the doctors at Advanced Spinal Care. I feel great!


The numbness in my hands is gone! My neck and shoulders don’t hurt at all! I haven’t felt this good in 20 years!


Postconcussion Syndrome

I’m just a kid!  I didn’t have any symptoms I didn’t think.  But I did have a concussion from a fall in gymnastics.  As a result from the concussion I have suffered from headaches and neck pain on and off ever since.  Since the concussion, I started having a lot of problems at school.  I have not been able to do gymnastics since (3 months)!  Mom says I have to switch to swimming.

After coming in with my mom and watching her get adjusted by Dr. Schenk, my mom wanted me to get taken care of too.  After just a few weeks, I feel better.  I don’t have headaches or neck pain any more and I am doing better in school again!

Author:  Brianna T.


I was given Dr. Lapenski’s name, and his specialty in NUCCA, when my battle with sciatica was at its absolute worse. I had been suffering from sciatica on and off for 35 years. Prior to starting care, my medical doctors had recommended physical therapy and surgery with no guarantees that they would help with my pain. I have been under Dr. Lapenski’s care for nearly three years. Not only did my sciatica resolve, I sleep better, and generally feel so much better. I happily engage in a variety of activities including my regular exercises including Yoga. I know that I am a healthier person thanks to NUCCA and what it naturally delivers to patients.


Weak Immune System

I came in to see Dr. Lapenski for low back pain, but I also had an enlarged spleen, a low WBC count, and chronic fatigue all associated with my rheumatoid arthritis. To my surprise, not only did my low back pain resolve, but my spleen decreased in size, my WBC count went back up and I have more energy. It has been amazing!

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