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A Personal Note from Dr. Craig Lapenski

Dr. Craig Lapenski

Many people have some form of illness or chronic pain that has plagued them for years. There may have been numerous doctors’ visits and promises, often without long-term results. Unfortunately there is a no magic bullet or pill that will simply heal you! The realization of this has lead many people to our door.

The process of getting well requires a doctor that is willing to get to the cause of the illness and/or pain not mask the problem with meds; a doctor that understands how to reverse years of degeneration and lastly, a doctor that can create a success plan incorporating ALL of the fundamental facets of health care, not just one. TRUE healing has occurred when you have gotten your body back to the place it once was (or maybe even better) before you acquired the troubles you have today! Yes, that is possible but it takes hard work and consistency.

The fundamentals of NUCCA spinal care re–empower the nervous system so that you can heal properly. It is truly a “miracle” system when done to its fullest potential but it is not enough to create full health. Full health requires the adoption of a proactive healthcare model; doing what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy, not just treating symptoms. This includes a nervous system free of interference, good nutrition, regular exercise and plenty of rest. This recipe will remove the obstacle of “no hope”. It is a success system that heals the ONLY effective way…from the “inside out”.

Our success program along with diligence and time has made a profound difference with many of our patients!

I look forward to meeting you.
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Dr. Lapenski’s credentials:
Board Certified Part III NUCCA (only 21 worldwide)
Pre-chiropractic, Central Washington University
Honors graduate/President’s list, Palmer College of Chiropractic
Member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
Member of Delta Sigma Chi, the world’s oldest professional chiropractic fraternity
NUCCA member since 1996
Extension Faculty Member – Palmer College of Chiropractic Founder of ASC Associate Doctor Training Program
Private Practice Washington State

Dr. Craig Lapenski is a renowned chiropractor and practitioner of the NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic method and a strong proponent of active health and the empowerment of the patient in the healing process.
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